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Think . Act . Feel . 

Since 2018, I have been searching around the world looking for methodologies to answer and comfort my emotional distress. As I learned the various teachings were called different names, but they all teach the same foundational disciplines in becoming a co-creator of your life. These disciplines were added to my life as I learned them; each of them would reveal keys that would provide me with self-knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and feelings that needed corrections. The only true ingredient to start this journey is Courage and Perseverance. Are you in?

Subir um penhasco


Conscious Exercises 

Conscious exercises help balance the mind. When we work directly to balance the confused and irrational thoughts, we can start to organize and plan for a more creative and joyful life.


Food for healing

Once we start calming the mind, we have a clear vision of the priorities in our lives to co-create our most desired dreams. Health becomes obvious to the clients, as together we work on self-love and nutritious habits.

Vegan Bowl


Teamwork Teraphy

 Once we have a calmer mind and a stronger body, life feels so unlimited,  until it tests us bringing our unconscious behaviors to the surface.  In this stage of the process, we have the opportunity to unblock repetitive toxic cycles and auto-sabotage behaviors. 


Real Purpose

As we maintain aligning healthy habits with mind and body,  we are naturally graced with our real purpose. This is a natural and priceless response of the divine to help you remember your real purpose. Let the co-creation begin! The stage is yours!

Multidão Em Teatro
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