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"Enough is enough"! Neuroscience already explains how it is possible to break free from repeating toxic cycles to finally starting to change directions in your life for the better.

Updated: May 9

overwhelmed at job desk, tired, frustrated, burned out
Overwhelmed and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I will never forget the day I watched Oprah interviewing Eckhart Tolle on releasing his book "The Power of NOW", as she highlighted this phrase, "you get tired of getting tired". There is this moment of hitting rock bottom, where "enough" screams out of our head, and we often, on a frenzy to avoid the deep feeling of anger or frustration, we often fall in the trap of repeating similar cycles. We rush looking for similar solutions that for a brief moment brings immediate comfort to mask that "ugly" feeling.

And according to articles published in the neuro science field, there is a chemistry registered in our brain that will produce immediate relief by bringing us back to what we know, same thoughts, feelings and actions. It is kind of a "road" already very familiar to our neurons that will provide fast but temporary "comfort" even though rationally we know that nothing will change in your life, since this feeling is presumable, and that's when WE REPEAT CYCLES. Who have not been lost in the "What ifs... island: If I change my job, if I lose weight; if I became rich if I just looked younger, or drove a new sports car, THEN I WOULD.... be happy and satisfied. Does it not sound so cliche to even write this down? But the sad reality is that we are so unaware of how our dissatisfaction with our reality, that it has taken over our emotions, that we keep on repeating the toxic cycles until we all give up or "get used" to the frustrated new normal status quo.

According to the latest neuroscientist , the habit of repeating toxic cycles comes to the brain as a "learned" behavior, probably "programmed" in your childhood, and induces the production of an already known chemicals in our body, that activates the same part of the brains, that will bring us to similar emotion and behaviors therefore, economizing energy and bringing the body out of the "stressed" mode. And without even realizing it, here we are repeating e same patternlike it was 2021, all over again.

This week I want to dedicate my social media channels on how to stop repeating toxic cycles and actually improve areas in our lives that needs a make over. Helping bring in joy, peace and purpose to our daily lives:

  1. Be Aware of what it is that brings you down, connecting emotions to people, places or situations will build a mood map. With this map, we can go over in building an strategy for smooth sailing.

  2. Strategy is key for a secure smooth sailing to get to the place you want to be! Here we analyze all of the elements presented in our mood map and link them to our new desired objectives. A simple SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Treats) analysis. That's right! Taking the responsibility to make the needed adjustments, and getting a third party's help when needed is very liberating and encouraging; boosting our self-esteem and confidence to speed ahead.

  3. Application of your new strategy it's all about ACTION. Attention: when changing out of our brain's routine of doing things, will cause fatigue at first, will be very uncomfortable, and scary because we have never blazed these waters before. PRACTICE PATIENCE and don't be too hard on yourself; apply discipline and constancy for at least one week. You will be amazed on how small adjustments can created an totally new route towards your goals. Making you and your life much lighter and more joyful. These will be reminders during the week of my reels @anacelia.terapia to help us create adjustments to our desires, for the life of our dream to happen naturally! :)

Please feel free to suggest things that help you so we create a community of giving back! @anacelia.terapia or

See you next week!


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